About Me &

 How I Can Help You

My name is Bebe I have been called to help others like yourself in making decisions in life that you may feel stuck in.  I can help you understand better who you are.  Answer questions of why, when and how.  I am not here to predict your future, but more so to help you see what your future can hold and give you some celestial spirit sent guidance as to what your next step should be. Focusing our attention on what will bring about the best outcome.  I have been blessed with the gifts of having an intuitive soul, psychic and mediumship abilities that promise accurate  readings.  I am a practicing Witch, a Medical Massage Therapist with over 13 years of experience.  I am also a mom of 2 raising her children in this Spiritual world as well as an animal lover, with my self having 4 dogs and a cat. 

I carry with me years of life experience, wisdom and knowledge.  I have also extensively studied psychology, human behavior and human interactions.


      How Do I Receive Messages 

I receive messages directly from spirit.  They are the

source of all information and I am simply the tool that information's travels through, so that I may then communicate to you.  As a medium psychic I have been

blessed with the abilities to receive information from

the spirit realm through my clairvoyance, clairaudience,

and clairsentience abilities. (see tab above for definitions)

My preferred choice of divination is the Tarot.  Through its imagery and spirit communication I am best able to help guide you as you make decisions in your life.  In an average reading you will get the present past and future

in relation to your subject of choice.



Areas covered include:

Any type Relationships including Romantic, business, family or friend




Career, Business , Job Goals  and decision making

Guidance on how to proceed in any area in life you feel stuck in



Inner Growth & 

Spiritual Development 

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